Utilizing Apps for Online Classes


As an online student, you’re probably already proficient in many areas of technology, but did you know there are several mobile apps you can use to increase your productivity? Whether it’s double-checking your to-do list on your way to work or finishing a reading before bed, with these apps, you can accomplish more with your classes in the palm of you hand.

1. Organizational Apps: 

  • Wunderlist: List-making and management tool
  • Trello: Collaborative project manager
  • Smartsheet: Project list and assignment deadlines 

2. File Storage and Sharing Apps: 

  • Dropbox: File-sharing and storage in a cloud, accessible from multiple devices
  • Box: Content sharing

3. Note Taking Apps: 

  • Evernote: Take, organize and share notes
  • OneNote: Take, share and archive notes
  • Notability: Write, illustrate and annotate
  • iAnnotate: Take notes on PDF files

4. Other Resources:

  • Blackboard: Participate in discussion boards, turn in assignments, contact your teacher, etc.
  • Instapaper: Save web pages and research materials
  • Kindle: Download textbooks, conduct research, take notes
  • Pulse: Access to relevant blogs and online reading sources
Balancing Family, Work and Education

Many people pursue an online education in order to still have the flexibility to tend to their careers and family. However, with working 40 hours a week, maintaining a household and taking care of kids, it’s no question that this can be a challenge. Follow these tips to find a balance:

  • Be open with your family: By clearly explaining your reasons for pursuing an online education and communicating your online workload, your family is more likely to be supportive and pick up a few extra household tasks in order to lighten your to-do list. Be sure to celebrate good grades and milestones with your family as well in order to keep them involved.
  • Maximize on your time management: Waiting in the car pool line to pick your kid up from school? Get a head start on reading material. Have small children that take naps? Use this time to complete your schoolwork so you can spend quality time together when they’re awake. 
  • Talk to your employer: Try to set up an arrangement with your employer for more flexible hours. Explain your commitment to your job, and ask for a trial period in which you can adjust hours to something that might fit your schedule better. Be sure to communicate the benefits of an education to your employer, especially if it is related to your current career.
  • Take your time: When it comes to being a successful parent, employee and student, it’s important to do what works best for you without forcing time constraints. It’s okay to take extra time to complete your degree if you need to, so be realistic with your goals. 
Tips to Succeed in Online Classes

Online education offers many benefits, such as the flexibility of learning when and where you want. However, there’s no question that online classes require certain adjustments from traditional education. Here are five tips to help you succeed in your online classes:

1. Double check your technical requirements: Online classes are definitely manageable, but only if you have access to the technical programs required. Before the course begins, check the course description, syllabus, or with your instructor to ensure that you are prepared with all of the technology necessary to complete your course requirements.

2. Create a schedule: The most common difficulty students have with online classes is time management, the ability to accurately pace through the course without physically being there. By initially creating a schedule, you can map out your entire semester with how much time you’ll need to spend on your class per day and include all deadlines to ensure you don’t miss anything. 

3. Stay organized: It’s important to treat your online class as you would a traditional one. All assignment due dates should be in your planner, all files should be kept in both computer and paper folders, and all course materials should be kept together.

4. Connect with professors: A clear line of communication is necessary between the student and professor in order to successfully complete an online course. Although you are not physically in class, your professor is still available for individual attention. By reaching out to your professor early on in the course, you’ll be more likely to have a complete understanding of what is expected of you.

5. Participate in Online Discussions: One valuable aspect of traditional courses is being able to connect with and learn from your peers. However, with current technology, there are now opportunities to communicate with your classmates online. By participating in online discussions, you can help each other to solve problems you may be having with the course.

Have you taken online classes? Let us know what methods you used to be successful!

Online Education for Military & Veteran Students

For the hectic life of military and veteran students, online education can be the ideal fit for the balance of military life and academics. You have the flexibility of doing your school work from anywhere in the world, while still having the convenience of picking a qualified university that meets your standards. 

It can be difficult to pick an online education school with the wide variety of options out there with little information as to which will provide you with the benefits you need after graduation. With a degree from Online Worldwide, you’ll reap all of the benefits of attending one of our regular universities. 

The highly esteemed reputation of the University of Nebraska will extend to your degree without ever having to set foot on a campus. You’ll have access to all of our alumni connections and the support of career services. Even better? There will be no indication of “online” on your degree or any of your transcripts. 

The University of Nebraska was ranked 2nd as Best for Vets Colleges by the Military Times because of our services that are tailored to enhance your education experience. If you’re interested in beginning your journey of distance education with Online Worldwide, contact one of our Military Advisers today. http://bit.ly/1kJlWJs

Study Tip: Research suggests we store information better when we write things out by hand, rather than just typing it. 

Study Tip: Research suggests we store information better when we write things out by hand, rather than just typing it. 

University of Nebraska High School

Online education through the University of Nebraska isn’t just for college students and adults. Through the University of Nebraska High School (UNHS), students have the opportunity to earn high school credit or a diploma from anywhere in the world. 

UNHS is an accredited, university-based online high school offering award-winning curriculum. All courses are supported by certificated teachers and administration. Faculty and staff are here to serve you.

We have served students and schools globally since 1929 in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Courses are available for high school students 24/7, year-round, and students can enroll any time of the year. 

More than 100 core, elective and Advanced Placement courses are available within eight subject areas, including:

  • Career and Technical Education
  • English and Language Arts
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Studies
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • World Languages

The rigor of the courses and independent nature of the program is the best option for college-prep, as it prepares you to be accepted and successful at the post-secondary level. 

The flexibility of UNHS allows you to receive your high school education while still having the time to pursue your dreams. We are proud to support a diverse student body in all their passions. Visit our website at highschool.nebraska.edu to see how UNHS can support you.